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Oro Therapy Bleaching Powders

Fanola's Oro Therapy bleaching powders are a superior quality option for effective and protective lightening. These powders are enriched with keratin and precious ingredients to preserve hair health during the bleaching process. They are formulated to provide optimal results while minimizing hair damage and swelling. Taking advantage of their illuminating properties, Oro Therapy bleaching powders allow you to achieve the desired shades and tones, while maintaining a healthy hair structure. Choose Fanola's Oro Therapy bleaching powders for a professional bleaching that respects and enhances the beauty of your hair

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Fanola Oro Therapy Keratin Bleaching Powder 500 gr

€27.70 €19.39 -30%
Fanola Oro Therapy keratin bleaching powder is enriched with keratin to protect hair during the bleaching process. It is capable of bleaching hair up to seven shades without damaging it. Its fine powder texture makes it easy to mix and apply to hair without running or smudging. Suitable for all hair types, including the most delicate ones

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