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Fiber Fix

The Fiber Fix line by Fanola has been specially developed for professionals in the hairdressing sector, offering effective solutions for the care and maintenance of treated hair. Aimed at expert hairdressers, this line offers a complete range of products formulated to restore and protect the hair structure during technical salon services. Fiber Fix is ​​aimed at colourists, hairstylists and professionals who work with treated hair, offering them a wide range of specific products to meet the needs of damaged or sensitized hair. The line includes shampoos, masks, rebuilding sprays and other treatments, all designed to nourish, repair and improve hair structure. The main reason to use the Fiber Fix line is its ability to restore damaged hair structure, providing strength, elasticity and shine. During chemical treatments such as colouring, bleaching or perms, the hair undergoes a structural change which can compromise its health and beauty. Fiber Fix intervenes in a targeted way to repair the damage, restoring the hair to an optimal condition. Using the Fiber Fix line guarantees exceptional and long-lasting results. Treated hair becomes stronger, silky and shiny, maintaining the color and result obtained during the technical services. Fiber Fix products are formulated with high quality ingredients and advanced technologies to ensure professional treatment and optimal hair care. Choosing the Fiber Fix line means offering your customers a complete and reliable solution for the maintenance of their treated hair. Industry professionals can trust Fanola and its Fiber Fix line to achieve extraordinary results and meet the needs of the most demanding customers

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Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer Protective...

€50.82 €30.49 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer 30 ml is a hair treatment that reconstructs and protects hair fibers during coloring, bleaching, perming, or straightening treatments. Its unique formula helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends while enhancing hair's elasticity and strength. The product is suitable for all hair types, especially for those who undergo chemical treatments. To use, simply mix with the coloring, bleaching, or perming solution before application. The result is healthy-looking, strong, and shiny hair
Fanola Fiber Fix Spay Pre-Treatment Reconstructor 150 ml
  • -40%
  • New

Fanola Fiber Fix Spay Pre-Treatment...

€19.34 €11.61 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix Pre-Treatment Reconstructing Spray 150 ml, restores and strengthens damaged hair before technical services. It gives strength, structure and hydration. Suitable for sensitized hair. Guarantee of safety during treatments. Does not alter the color or lightening result. Contact professionals for beautiful and healthy hair
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Connector
  • -40%
  • New

Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Connector Post Technical...

€28.69 €17.21 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Connector is a 1000ml post technical services sealing cream. Its rich acid pH formulation seals the scales of the hair, fixing the color and offering protection and long-lasting brightness. Ideal for coloured, bleached hair and as a complement to perms and straightening. Apply it to towel-dried hair, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. A must-have for professional hairdressers who want high quality results. Aimed at professionals for long-lasting, shiny and beautiful hair
Fanola Fiber Fix Color Finalizing Shampoo ph 4.3 - 4.7 1000 ml
  • -40%
  • New

Fanola Fiber Fix Color Finalizing Shampoo ph...

€26.23 €15.74 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix Fiber Shampoo is a professional color fixing shampoo of 1000 ml. Seals the scales of the hair for a bright and long-lasting color. Ideal for colored and bleached hair. Apply it after the technical treatment, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse. Protects and tones the hair, maximizing the effect and duration of the treatment. pH 4.3 / 4.7. Aimed at professionals in the sector for excellent results
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Shampoo Maintenance Treated Hair 350 ml
  • -40%
  • New

Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Shampoo Maintenance...

€15.08 €9.05 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Shampoo is a professional shampoo for the maintenance of treated hair. With its revitalizing action, it gently cleanses the hair, offering instant hydration, softness and shine without weighing it down. Perfect for treated hair, it can be used in combination with Bond Mask and Bond Leave-In to maintain the results of technical services. It does not alter the color or the lightening power. Aimed at professional hairdressers for long-lasting healthy and beautiful hair
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Mask
  • -40%
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Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Mask for Treated Hair...

€16.97 €10.18 -40%
Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Mask is a professional mask for treated hair that nourishes and restores body, elasticity and softness. Used together with Bond Shampoo and Bond Leave-In, it maintains the results of the technical services. It does not alter the color or the lightening power. Aimed at professionals in the sector, for nourished and shiny hair

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