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    Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Brunette Professional Dye 60 ml
    5.24 Light Brown Iridescent Brown

Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Brown Professional Dye 60 ml

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Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Permanent Hair Color Brunettes is an ideal choice for women with brown hair looking for a high quality professional hair dye. Thanks to its wide range of shades and its advanced formula, this hair dye offers uniform, natural and long-lasting results, while protecting the health of the hair during the coloring process
Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Marroni : Castano Chiaro Iridescente Marrone - 5.24
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Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Permanent Hair Color Brunettes is a permanent coloring designed specifically for women with brown hair. The advanced formula of this hair dye contains high quality pigments that blend perfectly with the natural shade of brown hair, delivering an intense and luminous colour. The blend of nutrients helps protect the hair during the coloring process, keeping it soft and healthy. Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Permanent Hair Color Brunettes is available in different shades of brown, from the darkest shade to the lightest, giving you a wide range of options to personalize your hair colour. In addition, the advanced formula of this professional hair dye helps cover gray hair evenly, ensuring a natural and even result from root to tip. The application of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Permanent Hair Color Brunettes is quick and easy, thanks to its creamy texture and the applicator brush included in the package. Furthermore, thanks to its advanced formulation, this professional hair dye offers excellent coverage and a longer life compared to traditional hair dyes
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