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Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix&Shield 200 ml

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Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix&Shield 200 ml: Leave-in protective spray for hair and scalp. Creates a light shield against external agents, protects against UV rays and free radicals. Improves control and makes hair softer. BondIN SYSTEM™-REPAIR technology for strengthened internal bonds. Get daily protection and healthy hair
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Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix&Shield 200ml is a leave-in multi-protective spray ideal for hair and scalp. This spray has been designed to offer lasting protection against external aggressors, especially after professional treatments. Essential benefits include creating a lightweight shield that protects hair all day while strengthening the hair's internal bonds. Thanks to its formulation with binding ingredients, this spray helps prevent damage caused by UV rays and free radicals, while also providing better hair control and a softer texture. BondIN SYSTEM™-REPAIR technology plays a fundamental role in creating and protecting the internal bonds of the hair, offering complete protection against external agents. With the Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix&Shield, your hair will be protected, healthy and manageable every day
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Joico Joifull Volumizing Conditioner 250 ml

€15.57 €14.02 -10%
Availability: 16 In Stock
Joico Joifull Volumizing Conditioner 250ml is ideal for adding volume to fine, thin hair. Thanks to its light formula with the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex and Keratin, it strengthens and hydrates the hair, while the SmartRelease technology releases essential nutrients improving their health. Applied to wet hair after shampooing, it leaves hair soft, silky and shiny, without frizz

Matsuzaki Professional Cutting Scissors AXR 575 5.75 Inch

Availability: 10 In Stock
Matsuzaki AXR 575 cutting scissors are a high quality professional tool, designed to cut hair precisely and evenly. Stainless steel blades laser sharpened and hand honed to ensure unprecedented cutting precision. Ergonomic shape with soft rubber ring for a secure grip and reduced hand fatigue. 5.75 inch length suitable for medium length haircut and special details

Revlon Equave Instant Detangling Bi-Phase Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair 200 ml

€20.00 €12.00 -40%
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Revlon Equave Instant Detangling is a bi-phase treatment for dry and damaged hair enriched with bamboo extracts, which helps to detangle knots and improve hair manageability. The lightweight, leave-in formula contains two phases: the upper phase hydrates and nourishes hair with silk proteins and vitamin B5, while the lower phase helps restructure and strengthen damaged hair with bamboo extracts. The product is easy to apply and does not require rinsing, it can be used daily to improve hair softness and shine. Additionally, the formula contains UV filters that protect hair from the sun and harmful radiation

Revlon Creme Peroxide 30 vol. 900 ml

€13.52 €8.11 -40%
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Revlon Creme Peroxide hair oxidant 30 vol. 900 ml is a product used to activate hair coloring or lightening. Its main ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and cetylstearyl alcohol. It is mixed with bleaching powder or color before being applied to the hair. Benefits include greater effectiveness than less concentrated products, but it is important to use with caution to avoid skin and scalp irritation

Voilà 3C Intense Creme Peroxide 10 vol. 900 ml

€13.52 €8.11 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock
Voilà Technics Creme Peroxide 10 vol 900 ml oxidizing cream is a product used in combination with hair dyes to help develop hair color. Suitable for all hair types, this oxidizing cream has a 10 volume concentration and contains 3% hydrogen peroxide. Its formula is enriched with ingredients that help protect the hair and prevent damage caused by dyeing. To use, simply mix it with hair dye in the proportion recommended by the brand of dye used and apply the mixture to the hair as directed in the dye instructions

American Crew Light Hold Cream-Based Pomade 85 g

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock
The American Crew Cream Pomade is a cream-based hair pomade that allows you to create a natural style with a light hold and a shiny finish. Its creamy texture allows it to be easily applied to damp or dry hair, modeling it without leaving any residue or sticky effect. Ideal for men looking for a versatile hair styling product, with a lightweight formula suitable for everyday use

Fanola Vitamins Energizing Lotion 150 ml

€18.90 €11.34 -40%
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Fanola Vitamins energizing lotion is a professional hair care product, it fortifies and purifies both hair and scalp. Contains vitamins of group B and E, known as BE complex, which help to improve the structure and resistance of the hair. This professional hair lotion also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth and removing impurities from the scalp. To obtain the best results, the Vitamins energizing lotion by Fanola should be used after the Energy shampoo, and should be applied directly to the scalp, massaging it gently. It does not require rinsing and can be left to act throughout the day

Triskell Botanical Treatment Sun Shampoo 250 ml

€11.89 €9.51 -20%
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Sun Shampoo Triskell Botanical Treatment is a hair care product that helps counteract the damage caused by the sun's rays, thanks to its formulation enriched with plant extracts that moisturize and nourish the hair. The product is suitable for all hair types, especially those exposed to the sun for long periods of time, such as on holiday by the sea or in the mountains, and is able to remove impurities and traces of salt and chlorine, keeping the scalp and clean, healthy hair

Fanola Oro Therapy Illuminating Fluid With Pure Gold Argan Oil 100 ml

€25.50 €15.30 -40%
Availability: 7 In Stock
Oro Therapy Pure Gold Illuminating Fluid 24k 100ml is a hair fluid that illuminates and revitalizes dull and lifeless hair. Contains pure 24 carat gold, keratin, argan oil and linseed, which nourish and protect the hair. The fluid is easy to apply and does not require rinsing. This product is particularly suitable for those who want to give their hair a bright and healthy look, but also for those with dull and brittle hair that need nourishment and protection

American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam 200 ml Modeling Foam

€18.20 €10.92 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam 200ml is a high quality shaping foam for men. Its lightweight formula offers flexible hold and manages hair without a sticky residue. Suitable for all hair types, it gives softness, shine and can be used to create structured hairstyles or define curls. Easy to use, dries quickly and stays put all day long. This product is essential for achieving an impeccable and well-groomed style

Revlon Professional Style Master Brightastic Illuminating Serum Dull Hair 100 ml

€12.54 €10.03 -20%
Availability: 9 In Stock
Revlon Professional Style Master Brightastic is a hair product that offers extraordinary illumination for natural and colored hair. This lightweight, non-greasy fluid helps control frizz and gives hair an intense, long-lasting shine. Its advanced formula nourishes and protects hair from damage caused by UV radiation. Suitable for all hair types. Available in 100ml format
Olaplex Professional Restructuring Kit for all hair types
  • -€260.00

Olaplex Professional Restructuring Kit for all hair types

€409.02 €149.02 -€260.00
Availability: 9 In Stock
Olaplex Professional Restructuring Kit is an intensive treatment for all hair types that strengthens the bonds of damaged hair and prevents future damage. The two products in the kit, N°1 Bond Multiplier and N°2 Bond Perfector, contain Olaplex Bond Building technology and deeply nourish the hair, restoring its shine and softness. The kit is easy to use and is particularly suitable for hair damaged by chemical and mechanical treatments

Revlon Pro You The Fixer Shield Spray Protection From Frizz and Heat 250 ml

€22.62 €12.44 -45%
Availability: 10 In Stock
Revlon Pro You The Fixer Shield Spray protects hair from heat sources and frizz, thanks to its moisturizing and conditioning formula. Its application is simple and fast, just spray the product on towel-dried hair and proceed with styling. Additionally, it contains UV filters to protect hair from sun damage and pollution. Revlon Pro You The Fixer Spray is a light and ideal solution to protect hair from heat and frizz without weighing it down. Available in a handy 250ml spray bottle

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