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    Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer

Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer Protective Treatment Technical Services 300 ml

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Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer 30 ml is a hair treatment that reconstructs and protects hair fibers during coloring, bleaching, perming, or straightening treatments. Its unique formula helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends while enhancing hair's elasticity and strength. The product is suitable for all hair types, especially for those who undergo chemical treatments. To use, simply mix with the coloring, bleaching, or perming solution before application. The result is healthy-looking, strong, and shiny hair
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That's right, Fanola Fiber Fix N.1 Bond Fixer 300 ml is an innovative hair treatment that provides intense protection during colouring, bleaching, perming or straightening treatments. Its formula helps rebuild and protect the hair fiber, repairing damage caused by aggressive chemical processes and improving hair health and strength. This product is especially recommended for damaged and brittle hair, but can be used on all hair types. Regular use of Fiber Fix N.1 treatment helps keep hair healthy and shiny, preventing breakage and split ends. The 500 ml format makes it perfect for professional use in beauty salons
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Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Color Excel 70 ml is an ammonia-free tone-on-tone color that respects the natural pH of the hair and makes it brighter and softer. Covers up to 50% of white hair and lasts up to 20 washes. It is based on an acid-based technology that restores the hair to its natural pH and improves flaking. It also contains a keratin and jojoba complex that nourishes and hydrates the hair. Available in various shades, including 7.3, an intense golden blonde

Revlon Salon Shield Professional Hand Cream 75 ml

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Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructive Treatment Spray 300 ml is an intensive treatment for damaged hair that repairs, strengthens and protects hair. Its lightweight spray formula contains Joico's Quadramine Complex, a keratin protein blend that rebuilds the hair structure from within, repairing damage and preventing breakage. The formula is enriched with Boswellia resin extract, which hydrates and nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. The treatment can be used on wet or dry hair, without rinsing, for daily or occasional use depending on the hair's needs

Tools for Beauty Hourglass ceramic brush 53 mm

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The Tools for Beauty hourglass ceramic brush is ideal for styling short hair, allowing you to shape, straighten, curl and style your hair, untangling it from the roots and increasing volume. Thanks to the ceramic coating that heats up quickly, the brush speeds up hair drying and protects it from static. The grip is facilitated by the ergonomic rubber handle, while a removable pin facilitates the division of hair into strands

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Fanola Oro Therapy Gold Activator Hydrogen Peroxide 10 Vol 3% 1000 ml is a professional product for hair bleaching. Its formula enriched with Micro-Active Gold protects the hair during bleaching, preventing it from drying out and getting damaged. Its creamy texture facilitates application and makes it easy to mix with bleaching powders. It is recommended to mix it with the bleaching powder and apply it to dry hair following the manufacturer's instructions for the bleaching powder used

Fanola Frequent Multivitamin Mask for Frequent Use 1500 ml

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Fanola Frequent Multivitamin Mask for Frequent Use 1500 ml is a hair mask enriched with vitamins and nourishing ingredients, designed for frequent use on all hair types. Its delicate and light formula makes the mask easy to apply to the hair, without weighing it down or making it greasy. After application, the hair feels soft and silky to the touch. Apply to washed and towel-dried hair, distributing it evenly over the hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water

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Tigi Catwalk Headshot Conditioner is a professional hair conditioner that helps repair damaged hair and maintain the hair's natural moisture. Its formula contains hydrolyzed keratin, sweet almond oil and coconut oil to hydrate and soften the hair. It is ideal for all hair types, especially damaged and chemically treated hair

Matsuzaki ASX 600 Professional Cutting Scissors 6.0 Inch

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The Matsuzaki ASX 600 are professional cutting scissors with a 6.0 inch blade, made in Japan with high quality materials. The scissors are characterized by a sharp and straight blade, an ergonomic design and an excellent cutting precision. They are ideal for professionals looking for a versatile and reliable hair cutting shear. Strengths include light weight, durability, easy handling and versatility. The Matsuzaki ASX 600 are suitable for all types of cuts, from basic cuts to more complex and detailed cuts. For best use, it is advisable to keep them sharp and oiled regularly

Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Cleanser Moisturizing Shampoo 250/1000 ml

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Eksperience Hydro Nutritive Moisturizing Shampoo is a hair care product that helps hydrate and nourish dry, brittle and damaged hair. Contains a blend of nourishing and moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid, keratin and oat extract. It is used by applying an adequate amount of shampoo to wet hair and gently massaging the scalp, then rinsing thoroughly. Helps to leave hair soft, silky and shiny

Revlon Pro You The Keeper Shampoo Colored Hair 350/1000 ml

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Revlon Pro You The Keeper shampoo is a professional shampoo that helps protect hair color, giving it greater shine and durability, thanks to its formula with the RCT Protein Complex system and natural oils. It is intended for those who have colored hair and want to protect the colour, obtaining shinier and longer-lasting hair

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Revlon Professional Lasting Shape Curly Nat Resistant 100ml (x3) is a hair perm kit designed to create natural, long-lasting curls on resistant hair, enriched with keratin and linseed oil. The kit includes three bottles of 100ml each to offer a complete solution for permanent hair treatment. We recommend following the manufacturer's instructions and performing a sensitivity test before use

Kuro Luxury Box Rebuild Kit

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Availability: 10 In Stock
The Kuro Luxury Box Builder Kit is a complete solution for damaged hair, with shampoo, conditioner and elixir to restore elasticity and vitality. Suitable for all hair types, it protects from the heat of hair dryers and styling tools

Revlon Magnet Ultimate Technical Additive 300 ml

€35.66 €24.96 -30%
Availability: 10 In Stock
Revlon Magnet Ultimate Technical Additive is a powerful ally for technical hair treatments. Thanks to its formula enriched with ingredients such as amino acids, keratin and hydrolysed collagen, it offers protection and repair to hair damaged by chemical aggressions. This professional product makes hair softer, shinier and easier to comb. It is advisable to add the additive to the technical product used, following the instructions, to obtain optimal results. The 300ml bottle with dispenser allows for easy and precise dosing

American Crew Defining Paste 85 g

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American Crew Defining Paste 85 g is a high quality hair paste that offers flexible hold, definition and lasting structure. It is the perfect companion for men who want an impeccable and refined style without sacrificing naturalness and versatility

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