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Dessata Disney Minnie Professional Detangling Brush

Availability: 9 In Stock
Dessata Disney Minnie Mouse Detangling Brush is a heart-shaped hair brush with a design inspired by Minnie Mouse. The brush is designed to gently detangle hair without causing damage or pain, thanks to the arrangement of 440 bristles of three different lengths and its ergonomic shape. This brush is aimed at anyone who wants to detangle their hair gently and painlessly, reducing hair loss and preventing hair breakage

Dessata Detangling Brush Maxi Minnie And Mikey In Paris

Availability: 6 In Stock
The Dessata brand Detangling Brush combined with the Minnie design is a hairbrush with an adorable, but above all functional design. Thanks to its flexible and resistant bristles, it allows you to easily untangle knots and comb your hair without causing damage. Its ergonomic shape makes it suitable for all hair types, and it's easy to take with you wherever you go

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