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American Crew

American Crew is; the brand for men who want to be at the top in the care of hair, of the body and beard . Founded in the 90s, American Crew immediately won the hearts of men from all over the world thanks to its unique combination of quality, practicality; and style. With a wide range of products, from shampoo to pomades for the styling, from products for rasatura with body balms, American Crew offers every man the opportunity to create the look that he prefers. But it isn't; this alone makes American Crew special: the brand constantly works with industry professionals to develop innovative formulations and products that meet the needs of men in constant evolution. By choosing American Crew, every man can; feel confident that you have in your hands the best products for hair care, body and rasatura, created especially for him. Be bold, be distinctive, be American Crew!
American Crew has always been involved in style and men's hair care. constantly experiment with the latest styles; new and the most popular products; innovative made exclusively for men


  • Hair Styling
    The American Crew Hair Styling line represents a wide range of professional products designed to meet the needs of professionals in the sector and men who want to achieve an impeccable style for their hair. American Crew is a renowned brand in the men's hair care sector, and its line of hair styling products offers high quality solutions to create unique, long-lasting and versatile styles. American Crew's Hair Styling line includes a variety of products to suit different hair types, textures and desired styles. These products have been developed with an advanced formula that takes into account the specific needs of men's hair, offering superior hold and resistance without sacrificing flexibility and naturalness. Among the products offered in American Crew's Hair Styling line you can find: Waxes and pastes: These products allow you to style your hair, providing flexible hold and precise definition. They are ideal for creating structured and defined hairstyles, such as spiky or quiff looks. Gel: American Crew gel is designed to provide a firm hold and moderate shine. This product is perfect for creating flawless and neat looks, such as side-swept or slicked-back hairstyles. Styling Sprays: American Crew sprays provide a lightweight, long-lasting hold. They are ideal for giving volume, texture and fixing the desired style without weighing down the hair. Mousse: American Crew Mousse provides volume and texture to hair without weighing it down. It is perfect for creating voluminous and light hairstyles, such as tousled or wavy looks. Salt Spray: This product helps create a beachy, texturized effect on the hair. Adds volume and definition, giving hair a naturally wavy and dynamic look. Pomade: American Crew pomade offers a medium hold with a high shine. It is suitable for creating retro styles, such as classic Pompadour or slicked-back cuts. American Crew's Hair Styling line stands out for its superior quality, its ability to adapt to different hair styles and types, and its formula that takes into account the specific needs of men's hair. Whether you want a formal and tidy look or a more casual and carefree look, American Crew products will help you achieve the desired result, providing hold, flexibility and a natural look
  • Hair & Body Care
    American Crew's Hair & Body Care line is a complete range of products dedicated to men's hair and body care. This line includes shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and multi-use products that offer a complete solution for daily care. The shampoos and conditioners are formulated to cleanse and nourish the hair, leaving it soft, silky and easy to manage. Body lotions moisturize and soothe the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated. Multipurpose products are ideal for simplifying your care routine, offering benefits for both hair and body. American Crew's Hair & Body Care line is distinguished by its superior quality and its ability to deliver effective results for complete hair and body care, allowing men to feel fresh, well-groomed and confident
  • Shave
    La linea di prodotti dedicati alla rasatura di American Crew offre una vasta gamma di soluzioni di alta qualità per una rasatura confortevole e precisa. Questa linea comprende creme da barba, gel da barba, lozioni dopobarba e oli da barba appositamente formulati per fornire una rasatura liscia, ridurre l'irritazione della pelle e idratare la barba. Le creme da barba e i gel da barba offrono una lubrificazione ottimale per una rasatura morbida e delicata, mentre le lozioni dopobarba aiutano a lenire e rinfrescare la pelle dopo la rasatura. Gli oli da barba nutrono e ammorbidiscono la barba, contribuendo a mantenerla sana e setosa. La linea di prodotti dedicati alla rasatura di American Crew si distingue per la sua qualità superiore e la sua capacità di fornire una rasatura confortevole e una cura completa della barba, garantendo risultati eccellenti per gli uomini che desiderano una rasatura impeccabile
  • Beard Care
    American Crew beard care products offer a wide range of high-quality solutions to keep your beard healthy, soft and well-groomed. This line includes beard oils, conditioners, specific shampoos and beard shaping products. Beard oils nourish and moisturize the hair, reducing the dryness and irritation of the underlying skin. The conditioners make the beard softer, silky and easier to comb, while the specific shampoos remove impurities and residues, keeping the beard clean and fresh. Modeling products allow you to create desired styles and shapes, offering hold and definition. American Crew's line of beard care products is distinguished by its superior quality and its ability to deliver excellent results, ensuring a healthy and well-groomed beard for men who want a flawless look
  • Men's Hair Dye
    American Crew men's dyes are the secret to a flawless look and renewed confidence for every man. Specially designed for men who want to cover gray hair or add a pop of color to their mane, these dyes deliver stunning, natural streak-free results, in fact American Crew's Precision Blend hair dyes stand out for their advanced formulation and above all quality in able to ensure the full satisfaction of male needs. The application of these men's hair colors are very simple while allowing exceptional results like in a professional salon. American Crew Precision Blend offers several shades to choose from, whether you simply want to cover up your gray hair or you want to change the color of your hair by experimenting with a new look. The American Crew brand is recognized worldwide for its dedication to the care and styling of men's hair, in fact the men's dyes offered have been specially formulated for men's hair allowing you the highest quality and durability

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American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser 80 ml - Leave-in beard cleanser

€17.13 €10.28 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser 80 ml is a cleansing foam for beard cleaning, an innovative product that does not require rinsing. The dry foam of this product absorbs quickly, leaving the beard soft and residue-free. Softens and conditions the beard, removing impurities. Quick and easy application for a clean and fresh beard

American Crew Matte Clay Spray 150 ml

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
Discover the 150 ml American Crew Matt Wax Spray: it offers texture, body and strong hold for the hair thanks to Kaolin Clay. Suitable for medium length hair, it provides long-lasting volume and is easily removed. Convenient spray packaging and made with 85% recycled plastic. Apply to dry hair for extra volume. Shake before using

American Crew Whip Light Paste Natural Shine 85 gr

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 5 In Stock
American Crew Whip 85 gr is a light and weightless styling paste. Easily absorbs into hair, offering definition and separation without weighing it down. The hold is flexible, giving a natural shine and a healthy look. Ideal for fine to thick hair with medium to long lengths. It can be applied to damp or dry hair for a soft, flexible style. With ingredients like Castor Seed Oil and Tea Tree Leaf Extract, American Crew Whip guarantees a flawless result

American Crew Light Hold Cream-Based Pomade 85 g

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock
The American Crew Cream Pomade is a cream-based hair pomade that allows you to create a natural style with a light hold and a shiny finish. Its creamy texture allows it to be easily applied to damp or dry hair, modeling it without leaving any residue or sticky effect. Ideal for men looking for a versatile hair styling product, with a lightweight formula suitable for everyday use

American Crew Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250/1000 ml

€14.67 €8.80 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
American Crew Daily Cleansing Shampoo: Specially formulated for men's hair, this shampoo gently cleanses without affecting the balance of the scalp. Suitable for all hair types, it leaves hair fresh and ready for styling. Contains extracts of mint and rosemary for a feeling of freshness and stimulate circulation to the scalp. A high quality product for men's hair care

American Crew Matte Clay Medium Hold Wax 85 gr

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 9 In Stock
American Crew Matte Clay is a medium hold hair care wax, ideal for men who want to achieve a matte finish and texture in their hair. Thanks to the formula enriched with natural clay and beeswax, the product offers medium hold and definition without weighing down the hair. Furthermore, the presence of natural ingredients such as peppermint oil and lemon oil gives a feeling of freshness to the scalp. The medium hold wax can be used on short to medium hair to create a personal, on-trend style. The light and easy to apply formula allows you to style your hair without leaving an oily residue. American Crew Matte Clay is suitable for all hair types

American Crew Precision Blend Oxygen Activator 15 Vol. 500 ml

€9.84 €8.85 -10%
Availability: 4 In Stock
American Crew Precision Blend oxygen activator 15 volumes of 500 ml is an essential professional product for precise and long-lasting results in hair coloring, in fact if used with Precision Blend dye, it guarantees professional results, it is delicate on the skin. Follow the instructions for proper application and wear suitable gloves for hand protection

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