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American Crew Fiber Matt Finish 85 gr

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
American Crew Fiber, 85 g, is a professional styling wax that offers strong hold and precise definition. Ideal for creating structured and versatile hairstyles, this wax guarantees a long-lasting hold without compromising the natural look of the hair. Adds thickness to fine hair, giving it more fullness. With a matte finish, it avoids unwanted shine. Apply easily to dry hair to shape and define the desired style. American Crew Fiber is a reliable, quality product for flawless styling

Revlon Professional Style Masters Glory Waves Texturizing Spray 150 ml

€16.39 €9.84 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock
Revlon Professional Style Masters Glory Waves Texturizing Spray is a hair texturizing spray that helps create soft, natural-looking waves on fine to normal hair. To use, simply spray a small amount onto damp hair and comb through to distribute the product evenly, then use a diffuser to dry hair and define waves. The main ingredients include water, denatured alcohol, glycerin and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), which help create a texturizing action on the hair. This product is aimed at anyone who wants to create soft, natural waves in their hair for a carefree and trendy look


Sono cliente affezionata già da mesi e mi trovo benissimo! Lo shop è molto fornito e qui reperisco prodotti professionali introvabili per un privato, a prezzi ottimi. La spedizione è veloce e hanno molta cura anche nel packaging. Sono gentili e sempre molto disponibili, “coccolano” il cliente anche per piccoli ordini: trovo sempre un regalo in ogni pacco. Assolutamente CONSIGLIATO!

Debora Pepe


Grande professionalità, ho ordinato ieri pomeriggio il prodotto e la mattina dopo alle 10 era già consegnato da Salerno a Milano. Grande cura nel packaging!

Emi Gardella


Personale gentilissimo e disponibile. Ottimi prodotti! Consiglio assolutamente!!!

Claudia Gastaldi


Prodotti Consigliati

Isi The Beauty Glove Face Makeup Remover Glove

Availability: 9 In Stock
The Isi The Beauty Glove make-up remover glove is an innovative product that removes make-up gently and without the need for detergents thanks to ion technology. Suitable for all skin types, it guarantees microbiologically clean and soft skin. Easy to use, it is an effective solution for removing make-up and cleaning the skin without using aggressive products

American Crew Spray Gel Medium Hold 250 ml Medium and Long-lasting hold

€18.44 €11.07 -40%
Availability: 6 In Stock
American Crew Spray Gel Medium Hold is a hair styling product that offers medium and long-lasting hold. This lightweight gel spray provides support and control without weighing hair down. Its formula contains protective ingredients from harmful external agents and nourishing substances to improve hair health, giving it shine and vitality. Suitable for all hair types, it is particularly effective for medium to short length hair. It can be used on dry or slightly damp hair, just spray it and comb through the hair to achieve the desired style with a medium long-lasting hold. American Crew Spray Gel Medium Hold 250 ml is developed by American Crew, a high quality and performance brand in the men's hair care sector

Revlon Professional Restart Balance Soothing Cleansing Shampoo 250/1000 ml

€15.25 €9.15 -40%
Availability: 10 In Stock
Revlon Professional Restart Balance soothing cleansing shampoo is a professional shampoo that helps to gently cleanse the hair and soothe the scalp, thanks to its formula with extracts of aloe vera, peppermint and witch hazel. It is intended for those with sensitive and irritated scalps who want to gently cleanse their hair and soothe the scalp

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